First Milk Off Winner

I promised, months ago, to have a Milk Off – that is, a back-to-back tasting of several milks sold at the greenmarket. I followed through on said promise the next week, carefully noting the flavor profile and texture of Milk Thistle, Ronnybrook and Hudson Valley Fresh – and then I left for Iraq. My notes were brought in tow, as I was fully intending to web-ify the tasting en route but, well, Iraq can be… how to put this… “distracting” and now, drats, I can’t find those notes.

Perhaps I'll use the loss as an excuse to hold another tasting. Especially as my palate is going to need much more education before I can tell the different effects of milk terroir and milk craftsmanship… (Rumor of the day: the foamiest cappuccinos start with cows who eat hay.)

But I can at least announce the results of the NewYorkFoodVine’s first ever Milk Off:

Milk Thistle, the newcomer of the three, was the clear winner.

The dairy cooperative, Hudson Valley Fresh, came in second.

And Ronnybrook, well, it beat the grey supermarket brand.

But don’t just take my word for it. According to TimeOut, discriminating 4 and 5 year-olds liked Milk Thistle best too.

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