Upper West Side I

Battled the mist, and ignored the intermittent rain, Sunday to find one of the Upper West Side's many greenmarkets. Despite what the CENYC says, the market is no longer at 77th and Columbus although the flea market at that location was a welcome surprise. I left it laden with horseradish pickles, fresh local mozzarella and chocolate chip cookies. The farmers’ market was only a couple more blocks up Columbus at 79th. Roughly eight tents were braving the cold haze, offering pretzels, produce and potted plants. (The flowers bobbed in the breeze, like bright aliens stuck on a forlorn planet). Grazin’ Angus and Milk Thistle, both from Ghent, NY, were also on hand, although no cheese, yogurt, pork or poultry providers were found. (Dan Gibson of Grazin' Angus Acres was just interviewed about their beef; to listen, go here.)

All in all, I think it was worth the trip, not only because of the market’s proximity to that old-school foodie classic – Zabars (80th and Broadway) – which offered a dozen more yummy things to taste, mostly from farms far far away.

photo by David Anderson

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