Double Market Day

Ventured over to Fort Greene in Brooklyn yesterday and – after circling three quarters of the park, losing hope and cursing the official schedule – found a dozen tents selling produce, turkey, an array of meats, Ronnybrook dairy, Cato Cheese, potted herbs and baked goods. Almost all the farms represented also have a presence at Grand Army Plaza (also on Saturdays). That market is at least double in size and I enjoy the stand comparisons that are possible in the bigger markets but if Fort Greene is more convenient it will provide almost everything, including a spot to drop your compost and a park for a hilly walk.

Borough Hall’s farmer’s market (Thursday and Saturday, most of the year; Tuesday when it is nice out) is in sore need of dairy and meat providers. Its produce and plant selections, however, are extensive and, combined with a trip to Fort Greene (20 minute walk), it can provide a week’s needs.

I went to Borough first and, to fuel the walk to Greene, I grabbed a berry muffin (GF) from Wilklow Orchards, which has the good fortune to be located on Pancake Hollow Rd in Highland, NY. Nestled against a bench arm, I dove into the muffin’s ultra-sweet top un-explicably adorned with a slice of apple. There is something to a freshly-baked treat on a crisp day, eaten outside, gumming up your mittens… It was so satisfying I grabbed another for the man of the house on the way home. Positive reviews all ‘round.

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