Breaking Research on Affects of Farmers' Markets

Many research studies, to be frank, read to me like, “Well, duh.” Major finding such as “Children suffer when parents are depressed,” “Poor more likely to be neglected by doctors,” and “Teenage mothers at risk for cigarette-related lung cancer” give me the overwhelming need to sit back with “Well…”

Often (but not always), these are correlation-based findings. I do not mean to discount this type of research. It can be extremely valuable, especially in the long-term. It’s just… I’m more a causation gal.

Tell me the nitty-gritty of HOW it gets from A to Z, and I’ll get on the train. That often means the train runs late (and admittedly, sometimes too late – which is why I follow schedule changes), but at least I know it is on track and not headed off a cliff.

Here’s one such “beat-rush-hour” special that came out yesterday. For this evening, I’ll push the cynic out the caboose and belt what my gut is telling me, “Well… Duh!”

Farmer’s Market Improves Healthy Eating Habits of Shoppers

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