Green Decapitation

At the Carroll Gardens Sunday greenmarket, I stumbled upon an intimidating head of lettuce. It came with a neck! And, if you count the pot, shoulders!

It was $5 for two, so with my wily bills, I captured a three-headed lettuce monster, slung him over my back and brought him home. After showing off my spoils, I decapitated one bobbing crown to make the below salad. It was gobbled up within minutes of slaughter. Can you get fresher then that?!

(The remaining two heads have been tamed with fear; they will be kept as pets, their outer ears nuzzled off according to Appetite's demands.)

4/30/09 Update:
The decapitated neck has already sprouted a new face...

Butter lettuce in Cream Dressing
Serves two

2 cups butter lettuce
1 cup mesclun mix

½ cup heavy cream (Ronnybrook worked)
¼ cup rice vinegar (or other white vinegar)
½ teaspoon dried minced garlic
1 teaspoon lemon zest
salt and pepper to taste

Combine lettuces. Mix the other ingredients together in a small bowl to form dressing. (Dressing can be made several hours in advance and stored in fridge.) Toss with lettuce, shortly before ready to eat.

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