Low fat "Cheese"

This press release is too funny not to share: “Developing a Low-Sodium, Low-Fat Cheese That Tastes Good Is Still a Challenge.” What do ya know?

The real question is why try?

Good salt is good for you. It supplies minerals you can’t find in other ways.

The fat in cheese is even more important.

Many of the main nutrients in cheese, including calcium, need to be paired with fat to be best absorbed by the body. Also, whenever naturally occurring fat is cut out (or off), the hormone balance gets messed up as I discussed here in regards to meat. The evidence has only grown since I last mentioned this in February.

Even leaving hormones aside, experts agree with me that fat, even saturated fat, is a vital part of the human diet. And when good fats are paired with produce -- whether it is figs and blue cheese, strawberries and feta, bacon and collards or wine with marbled steak (yes, I just referred to wine as produce) -- the benefits and flavors compound exponentially. So have a little cheese. But only if it is tasty.

photo of cheese worker by Kheng Guan Toh
fig and blue by Liv Friis-larsen

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