Top Ten (Eleven?) Foods to Buy Organic

The price of organic food has been getting a lot of coverage recently, from sustainability food conferences to major national magazines like the Atlantic, Cooking Light and Gourmet. The messages all spiral from two central questions: 1) how to eat healthily when the economy -- and our wallets -- are in lean times and 2) the injustice of having nothing but wing-dings, Necco wafers and fried chicken available in most poor neighborhoods. More farmer markets will help with the latter.

As for the former, below are the top ten things, according to the Environmental Working Group, you should keep buying organic. Thin edible (or non-existent) skins is the common thread. Personally, I would add meat to the list. It is more expensive than conventionally raised, but you get so much more nutrition out of it. I buy and use half the amount I was used to and fill up the rest of the plate with veggies. Trust me, we never leave the table hungry.

10 worst offenders for pesticides:

Grapes (imported)
Sweet bell peppers

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