Planning for a Berry Christmas

I was too preoccupied with munching, make that devouring, strawberries and cherries over the last several weeks to do what I ought've. Each bite required a puckered chomp, a kiss that was rewarded by plump flesh dripping with such sweet-tart berry juice, I forgot all thought of tomorrow and ate for today. For right now. Popping cherry after succulent cherry, dangling them from the stem over my mouth, before licking it up and sucking the pit dry. I've gone through several quarts a week.

But I must stop! Not eating them but the one-minded distraction, at least long enough to realize just how precious these gems are. I am afraid I am too late for the cherries. They are a week past prime. Still good. But I am taunted by the memory of last week's.

So, I am determined to not repeat my mistakes with my current obsession: blueberries. Right now, they are fat, sweet and... forgive me but... even a little earthy -- in a good way! Candy with complexity, if you will. Somehow every time I pass by their bowl, a few more end up in my mouth. And I don't want to give them up. I will not give them up.

There is only one solution: I Must Stop Time.

Thankfully, we've made room in our kitchen for one trusty time machine: the freezer. This weekend, I plan to do what I should have done last week with cherries and several weeks ago with strawberries. I am going to rush the farmers' market, and snatch up buckets of local blueberries (and probably some raspberries). I'll time-freeze them in one cup portions in ziploc bags, and then sigh in relief that there will be colorful smoothies, pancakes and muffins through Christmas.

picture by Dan Klimke

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  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I share your obsession with blueberries!