Edible Lingerie Found at the Farmers' Market

Hi, sorry it is has been a while. Working on a book proposal with every free second, but I feel I am doing an injustice by keeping dragon's lingerie, (or dragon's langerie or dragon's tongue), to myself. While there seems to be some confusion over its actual name, I like the first name best.

(As in a dragon's knicker's?, I asked. Yep, the farmer's rep laughed.)

Yes, you can eat it. And no, I am not trying to be kinky. It is a long bean with thin pastel stripes of purple and pink. Unfortunately this ‘lingerie lace’ disappeared with heating, so I am working on a raw recipe. But I was pleased with a recent simple sauté in butter. (Is there a veggie that doesn’t work in butter?) They tasted of a very delicate yellow wax bean — while the name conjured funny fantasies of Puff lounging seductively in his cave. For a picture of the actual bean, click here.
photo by Marek Paju via Dreamstime
cartoon by Sofia Santos

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  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful beans. Good luck on the book proposal. VP