While the Crispin Mutsu apples have gone a bit mealy by now, their sound-alike cousin, HoneyCrisp are just hitting their stride.

At the beginning of the season, they were crisp, no doubt, but rather watery in flavor. Now they have a sweet quality… Some might call it ‘honey-like’ and point to the name, but to my palette it tastes overwhelmingly of roses.

If you haven’t tried this variety, when I say ‘crisp’, it is not the hard crunch of a Granny Smith or the snap of a Macintosh. There is an airy quality to the HoneyCrisp apple’s texture; the crisp of a dry winter day, rather than the dewy teasing of blue-skyed autumn. The apple’s particularly thin skin gives way to flesh that is of consistent crispness from top to bottom, from inside out. If I had a microscope, I might do a comparison, hypothesizing that HoneyCrisp slices are more porous than other apples.

Eat au natural. Or with a little salt. Yes, salt. They are that sweet.

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